[therion] Re: survex to therion data conversion

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Thu Nov 6 15:25:46 CET 2003

Just two small remarks:

If the role should be used for something in the future, the keywords must be specified. If not, it should be removed to comments.

I've understood this as a responsibility for some reading - and readings are standardized in DATA command.

Adding "unknown" keyword is useless - this is the same, as nothing specified in this field (the most of the cases). So I'll add there words "instruments" and "insts". :)

> In general I'd say that there should only be one spelling of
> centerline.

I disagree - even in survex you used "meters" and "metres" for the same thing. Here I don't see the problem.

Regards, S.

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