survex to therion data conversion

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Thu Nov 6 14:13:06 CET 2003

+++ Stacho Mudrak [03-11-06 12:47 +0100]:

>> I'm sorry, but I'm busy now so just very briefly:
>> 1. TEAM will be used in therion very soon to generate map legend item
>> "Surveyed by". The <role> fields we don't care at the moment - we've never
>> noticed in fact the roles on the paper. The man, who drawn the notes is
>> usually very clear, the rest are not important...

OK. In that case it might be best to have neither program specify what
should go in these fields until we decide how to use them - the current
incompatibility (therion requires one of a set of tokens) serves no purpose.

>> 2. "centreline" - I'll have to look at this - whether it's possible to change
>> it. But I believe, it should be. But it will not be trivial - it can't be
>> solved by adding a single item to parsing table...

If it's not easy to do then we should probably put up with it (I just
wanted to moan  :-) , and automate the survex->therion data-reading process

>> 3.  survexinclude - it can't be done just by changing the parsing table, but
>> as a first aproximation, therion can call a perl script (C++ is not a good
>> idea for the first approximation) and read data from the pipe (OK, Win32 pipe
>> may be a problem, but on other systems this should work).

OK - I'll look at it on that basis. The equates could be tricky...

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