[therion-users] Re: New version of therion

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Thu Jul 17 17:41:00 CEST 2003

+++ Stacho Mudrak [03-07-17 11:35 +0200]:

I just tried to use uscan to get the new code but the direct link to
therion-0.2.14.tar.gz has gone/moved. (uscan cannot use the download.cgi link)

Is there a direct link on the new site? Can I have one? (why do you go via
this downloadcgi thing anyway - what's wrong with a good old-fashioned link?)

> >Presumably you have fixed the script?
> I'm sorry - no. Probably nobody uses these versions - so I thought it 
> useless (at least no time for that).

OK. I'll probably do it as I still have unconverted datasets (and wrongly
converted datasets from last time :-( )

> >I thought that's what you said but I didn't understand how metapost and Tex
> >macros could be compiled into a C++ executable - I assumed TeX/Metapost
> >still needed to be able to see the files somewhere.
> They're stored in C++ as string constants and written directly to the 
> beginning of MP file and TeX file. This is quite nasty - but seems to be 
> very idiot-proof.

yuck. But I suppose if it works... I prefer doing it the Debian way but I
can see the advantages for other platforms where config is less sure so lets
go with this method.

> >to 1) use that code in therion or 2) have therion provide passage 
> >dimension info to Aven and use that viewer
> Thanks - at least the second possibility will be supported - because OpenGL 
> at TclTk is not so easy to set-up. Do you have also other shapes in aven? 
> Can I insert sections on other points, than centerline?

I don't know. Mark Shinwell has done most of the work and he is caving in
Austria now for 5 weeks (and maybe hacking aven some more). Olly may know,
and he's still here.

> Ad shortcuts:
> * create line : Ctrl+l (see menu)
> * finish line : click (insert point) on the last point by right button
> * close line: click (insert point) on the first line point
> * changing line type - no at the moment - do you have any idea? Some popup 
> menu or something simmilar?

keystrokes. I found I spend far too much clicking on a line or point, then
going to RH side menu and selecting somethign else, then clicking on another
line or point right next door, then going to RH side menu and so on - common
functions must be on keystrokes for efficient use.

> * moving around the data file - what do you mean? Scrolling can be done via 
> left-click and mouse move. We plan to put tree instead of list with objects 
> (file commands). Object search should work also.

I have forgotten the details now but I know I got quite frustrated - more
next time I do some drawing.

> OK, I will put to TODO on the first place making the list of all controls 
> to thbook.

that would be very helpful.

> Ad wall tracking:
> I have this in a long-term TODO - but if there is a code doing this in 
> TunnelX, I can try to steal it (transcription to Tcl from Java should be no 
> problem). By the way - you can use TunnelX (if it's faster) and convert 
> data to therion (as far as I know TunnelX, it should not be big problem - 
> just removing the <>""= XML stuff should be more or less enought. Or you 
> can definitelly use TunnelX :-)

Interesting - you think the formats are very similar? that would be useful -
it's interface is more developed than xtherion. I don't use because I
haven't found a free java implementation that works with it, and last time I
tried to download Sun JRE I ran out of disk space, and basically I have had
so much trouble with java over the years that I just don't use it :-)

> Ad boulders:
> I draw rock-edge lines not very cosher way (shapes like Y or so)- some line 
> segments are entered twise - but then I enter the entire rock-edge by one 
> line.

That's the sort of thing I mean - it has to be drawn as more than one line
but it is really one 'object' and going back to edit the file afterwards is
slow and boring and error-prone. (I have hundreds of rocks to draw!)

> I'm very curious about your impressions...

I'll take some notes.


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