[therion-users] Re: New version of therion

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Thu Jul 17 11:35:30 CEST 2003

> Presumably you have fixed the script?

I'm sorry - no. Probably nobody uses these versions - so I thought it 
useless (at least no time for that).

> I thought that's what you said but I didn't understand how metapost and 
> Tex
> macros could be compiled into a C++ executable - I assumed TeX/Metapost
> still needed to be able to see the files somewhere.

They're stored in C++ as string constants and written directly to the 
beginning of MP file and TeX file. This is quite nasty - but seems to be 
very idiot-proof.

>> 1. Automatically generated graphical scale, north arrow, title, authors 
>> and legend should be added to map and atlas by default. User will have 
>> possibility to modify them.
> That would be sensible - it wil need quite a lot of flexibility. Standard
> slots for Grade/survey type/entrance location(s) would probably be 
> helpful.
> Other info can be free text.

Of course - we will discuss it at meetend in two weeks, than I'll let you 
know and we can discuss it in conference.

>> 4. 3D passage wall modeling.
> Survex (survex-1_1 branch in CVS) now has general passages round 
> centrelines using
> opengl (also C++ code). Currently they are square because we haven't got
> code to read in better passage-dimension info yet. It may well be 
> possible
> to 1) use that code in therion or 2) have therion provide passage 
> dimension info to Aven and use that viewer

Thanks - at least the second possibility will be supported - because OpenGL 
at TclTk is not so easy to set-up. Do you have also other shapes in aven? 
Can I insert sections on other points, than centerline?

> 5. My suggestion:
> I need to do some more drawing to be sure but at the moment I think we 
> need
> to improve xtherion so that drawing is not so slow - It will never be as
> fast as pen-drawing but currently I find it takes an amazingly long time 
> and
> this makes me wonder if Therion is really practical for my surveys -
> things like code to auto-track walls would save a lot of time (TunnelX 
> has
> this but it's java so we can't just use it directly unfortunately). 
> Easier
> ways of drawing large, specific boulders. Maybe all I need is a list of 
> the
> keyboard shortcuts for starting and stopping lines, changing line types,
> moving around the data-file. Is there one?

Ad shortcuts:

* create line : Ctrl+l (see menu)
* finish line : click (insert point) on the last point by right button
* close line: click (insert point) on the first line point
* changing line type - no at the moment - do you have any idea? Some popup 
menu or something simmilar?
* moving around the data file - what do you mean? Scrolling can be done via 
left-click and mouse move. We plan to put tree instead of list with objects 
(file commands). Object search should work also.

OK, I will put to TODO on the first place making the list of all controls 
to thbook.

Ad wall tracking:
I have this in a long-term TODO - but if there is a code doing this in 
TunnelX, I can try to steal it (transcription to Tcl from Java should be no 
problem). By the way - you can use TunnelX (if it's faster) and convert 
data to therion (as far as I know TunnelX, it should not be big problem - 
just removing the <>""= XML stuff should be more or less enought. Or you 
can definitelly use TunnelX :-)

Ad boulders:
I draw rock-edge lines not very cosher way (shapes like Y or so)- some line 
segments are entered twise - but then I enter the entire rock-edge by one 

> I admit I have spent too much time packaging and not enough actually 
> using
> recently! I have some surveys to draw soon so I'll use it some more...

I'm very curious about your impressions...


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