[therion-users] Therion 0.2.13 Debian packages - testing needed

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Thu Jul 3 14:35:00 CEST 2003

I've packaged therion 0.2.13 for debian and it's all very slick now as
stacho has improved the source a lot. It should also fix the gcc 3.3 problem
(old version doesn't compile).

The only significant change I've made was to combine makeconvert1.pl and
makeconvert2.pl into one command 'thconvert' which makes both the 0.2.6 and
0.2.10 data changes. It'd be good for a perl expert to check that over and
make sure I didn't accidentally change any of the logic - It seems to work
OK on test cases here.

There's only one catch - the new version of therion refuses to output any maps.

Given a thconfig file like this:
encoding  utf-8
source dxd.th
source test.th2
export model -fmt survex
export map extended -o dxd_extelv.pdf
#export map plan -o dxd_plan.pdf
#export atlas plan -o dxd_atlas.pdf

I get an error "thconfig -- unknown option -- "extended"
(or "plan" or "none" - whichever I use).

The thconfig file format shouldn't have changed - so is there something
something wrong with my compilation or is this version of therion broken?

Is it just me?

You can get the i386 packages and source at

As soon as we get to the bottom of this I can upload 0.2.13 (and therion can
stop being one of the 900-odd releas-critical bugs in Debian :-)

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