[therion-users] Beta-test Therion debian packages available

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Sun Jan 5 09:08:18 CET 2003

Hello everybody,

I've been working on therion also on my holidays, the result is on the
web. The list of changes I've done:

1. The layout configuration was put into config files. You can
   configure all things you like via layout command, or directly
   in the export command - e.g.
   export atlas plan -layout SCR200 -layout-scale 1 250
   will generate cave atlas in the 1:250 scale, with page dimensions
   that fit computer screen (4:3 width:height ratio).
   The same can be done also follwing way:
   layout mylayout
     copy SCR200
     scale 1 200
   export atlas plan -layout mylayout

2. Maps for output can be selected via select command. This is usefull
   when more complicated systems are exported. Probably nobody of you
   will need it now, but sooner or later yes.
3. If you export same projection twise (map and atlas), the metapost
   calculations and PDF conversion is done only once (speeds up a lot).
4. Compilation with -Wall produces no warnings, at least on my (quite old)

5. All the new things are in the README too.

Now back to Wookey's mail:

The Tex and mpost search path variables have been dealt with by a wrapper
script around therion which is a bit nasty but I can't see a better way
that complies with Debian policy offhand - it seems to work OK.

> The thbook docs now reference the original INSTALL and README docs in
> the doc dir rather than have theri own copies included - this should
> probably be done in the source too.

In fact, we were planing to have all the docs in one PDF file (thbook),
therefore they were included in it. But until now, we had no time to
synchronize. Probably CVS will solve this in the future.

> There is a hanging jsv link in the original tarball  - it would be
> nice if this was removed as it's not very useful to most people.


> There is probably room to improve the configand example file handling.
> This is very much a first cut.

Yes for sure. ;-)

> There have been various doc-fixes incorporated along the way.

I'll try to incorporate them in the near future.

> The C++ compilation with -Wall generates a lot of warnings which I
> don't understand (having avoided C++ religiously :-). It would make
> the build a lot nicer if some of these could be fixed. I'll mail the
> log to this list.

Me personally, I also do not like C++, but I needed hashes, and using
STL with C++ was the easiest way... And also objects saved us a lot of
work - especially, when I've put all the properties public. But I agree,
that I'm using C++ a very dirty way ;-)...


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