[therion-users] readme updates and a query

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Wed Nov 27 14:43:08 CET 2002

> Is it (sensibly) possible to write scraps without using a graphical
> I don't see how I could do this, but maybe you did in fact do this

Scrap file is a normal text file, so you can use any text editor to write
some (or some script to convert them from other format). But in reality, I
can not imagine, how would I create it without some graphical editor. Even
in the therion very beginning, we had an graphical tool, that was scaning
our movements of mouse over an image. But if you want to read coordinates of
walls and stones from the paper and type them in vi - editor, you can... ;-)

Until some manual to xtherion will come, you can do following simple steps:

1. Go to map editor
2. File->New
3. Press Insert button in Background images control panel
4. Open some *.gif (limitation of tcl/tk) file
5. Press "Auto adjust" button in Drawing area control panel
6. Open File commands control panel
7. Select "Action" -> Insert scrap
8. Press created "Insert scrap" button
9. click on "scrap1" in file commands list box
10. set "projection" to none in scrap control panel
11. press Control+L (or Edit -> Insert line)
12. draw close line (couter-clockwise oriented ;-) by clicking the last
point on the first point
13. save the file as test.th2

Now an export of this simple map should work, if you will type folloving
thconfig file

source test.th2
export map none

If this will work, then the lesson 2 will come. But probably you'll
understand a lot of things from this simple example...

> I'll try and finish my debianizing whilst I wait - and will carry on
> experimenting to see if I can work it out myself.

We've been discussing this topic, but we would not like /debian directory to
be in the root source directory. If it can not be in the /src, than we would
appreciate the way of patches...

Regards, S.

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