[therion-users] readme updates and a query

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Wed Nov 27 09:13:37 CET 2002

> I've gone through the INSTALL and README docs and made  lot of english
> corrections as well as fixed a few typos and other things that were less
> than clear. I hope I haven't incorrectly changed the meaning of anything.

Thanx a lot, I hope I'll have a piece of time next weekend, I'll try to go
thrue it.

> I've now understood the therion syntax and data structures in basic form
> and have converted a survex centreline dataset to Therion (which now
> processes without error with therion), but I am completely unable to use
> xtherion to do any drawing or create th2 files.
> I need some clues about how to start.
> If I go to 'map editor' and click file->new I get 'Error unknown option
> -state' - not sure how serious this is.

You have an 'old' version of tcl/tk ;-), in fact it is not serios - if you
will remove it, it will work without any change. But I think, that update of
Tcl/Tk is not so complicated. OK, probably I should remove this -state
option, because usually people have version 3.2, and I'm working on 4. I'll

> But how do I draw some lines round my survey? How do I get scans in to
> copy? How do I get the centreline in to draw around?
> It is impossible to start without some idea about how to do these basic
> things, or at least some explanation of the principles of operation of
> xtherion :-)

Yes, we should write some HOWTO file...

In fact, xtherion was an experiment - we just wanted to see, whether Tcl/Tk
is able to operate 2D editor. When we've recognized, that it is usable -
we've moved again back to therion developement. So xtherion map editor is a
very minimalistic GUI - a lot of things are now left on operator and we do
not plan to change this state in the near future. But writing a simple
manual should be a question of one evening, so I should think about it...

We will discuss next steps hopefully today, I'll let you know...


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