[therion-users] readme updates and a query

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Tue Nov 26 20:21:00 CET 2002

I've gone through the INSTALL and README docs and made  lot of english
corrections as well as fixed a few typos and other things that were less
than clear. I hope I haven't incorrectly changed the meaning of anything.

I'll send the new files and diffs to stacho to avoid clogging up the list.

I've now understood the therion syntax and data structures in basic form
and have converted a survex centreline dataset to Therion (which now
processes without error with therion), but I am completely unable to use
xtherion to do any drawing or create th2 files.

( A perl script to do this would be extremely useful as it is currently a
very bording process). I might do this at some point.

I need some clues about how to start.

If I go to 'map editor' and click file->new I get 'Error unknown option
-state' - not sure how serious this is.

But how do I draw some lines round my survey? How do I get scans in to
copy? How do I get the centreline in to draw around?

It is impossible to start without some idea about how to do these basic
things, or at least some explanation of the principles of operation of
xtherion :-)

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