[therion-users] Debianizing therion

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Wed Nov 20 12:42:32 CET 2002

On Wed 20 Nov, Stacho Mudrak wrote:
> > It is entirely up to you guys which way we do this. A native package is
> > simpler and is slightly less work overall, but it does move some
> > responsibility for making the build-process work right from me to you, and
> > you may not want to do that, or not yet.
> If I've understood it correctly - making it native debian package would
> require:
> 1. add debian directory in the source folder

In the top level folder, in fact.

> 2. make the build process more GNU-compatible

This is not actually a requirement - but it makes things a lot easier and
is generally a good idea.

> From my point of view, it would not be the problem. But can be the whole
> project also native RedHat (we're working on) or Mac OS X package, when it's
> native debian package? If I've understood it correctly, it can. If I'm
> wrong, I would rather choose the "way of patches".

yes. Again, this makes things a bit more complicated but it is quite
possible to do 'everything'. Survex does this, by having a 'make debian' as
well as 'make rpm' and 'make win32'. In practice the debian packages are
actually done as a two-stage build but we may be able to avoid this extra
complexity for therion - I'll see.

Anyway - I understand that you want to be able to build for multiple
platforms and adding debian to that list is fine so long as it doesn't stop
the others building. I will work on that basis.

> > In practice it mostly means adding a /debian dir that I supply, and maybe
> > some build-process changes if necessary.
> OK, but can a debian dir be situated in /src directory?

no, that doesn't work.

> I can do required build process changes, if they'll not take too much time -
> I would like to start implementing passage wall modeling as soon as
> possible.

Sure. I don't want to distract you from your good work. I'll get something
working and then you can take a look and add it if it seems good.

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