[Therion] units tape fractional inches

Svein Grundstrøm grundsve at online.no
Fri Mar 1 13:10:34 CET 2019


I don't  quite understand the problem.

The Disto stores and exports data i the same format whatever unit you use 
when measuring. Switch unit on the Disto and read out the measurements in m 
when scrolling through them, or export them to PT or any other device like 
nothing happend.

Or; what in your question didn't I understand?


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Subject: [Therion] units tape fractional inches

May you advice how to add to centerline tape measured accidentally with 
DistoX switched to feet?

for example 11’ 5 3/16’'

I may simple convert it, but I want to write centerline as it was measured, 
if possible.


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