[Therion] Problem with elevation view

Torsten Schnitter torsten.schnitter at netcologne.de
Sun Nov 4 15:53:21 CET 2018

Hi Martin

Thanks a lot for your hints. Espacially the infer command (I didn't know this).

While playing around with this command I recognized no change in behaviour to vertical shots.
Of course this could not be and something else was wrong.
In the end I realized that all lines in the Therion .ini file where with comments.
Of course therefore it didn't  make any difference in changing loop closure method from survex to therion and vice versa.

I'm using a windows with Therion and if you have a look to the ini file there are missing all line feeds.
Therefore this ini-file is not that readable... anyhow. I build this file new with command "therion.exe --print-init-file" and all line feeds where in place.
Than I realized my mistake and uncomment the line with loop closure method.

And now I have to say: there IS a difference in the effects using loop closure method survex or therion.
With 'survex' you get the problems I observed (0m beeing not at the same level and other misplacements).
But with 'therion' as the loop closure method it worked very good and I got all 0m lines at the same level. But some minor misplacements nevertheless.
And with the command 'infer plumbs on' it looks pretty perfect.
Vertical shots stay vertical and after loop closures as well.

Hopefully my problems with the elevation view are solved now...
I have to check some more details but it's looking pretty good.

Thanks again for all the help and sorry for my confusion with the loop closure method.


> Martin Sluka via Therion <therion at speleo.sk> hat am 3. November 2018 um 12:44 geschrieben:
>         > >         3. 11. 2018 v 11:30, Torsten Schnitter via Therion < therion at speleo.sk mailto:therion at speleo.sk >:
> > 
> > 
> >         Due to this corrections I observed another point as well.
> >         Having a vertical shot before the loop closures (and for sure this is vertical!) this shot is not vertical anymore after the loop closures.
> > 
> > 
> >     > 
>     One thing more:
>     • infer <what> <on/off> ▷ ‘ infer plumbs on ’ tells the program to interpret gradients
>     °æ 90 ◦ as UP/DOWN (this means no clino corrections are applied). ‘ infer equates
>     on ’ will case program to interpret shots with 0 length as equate commands (which
>     means that no tape corrections are applied)
>     Martin S.


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