[Therion] Disable loop closure?

Evaristo Quiroga eqr at ecgracia.com
Fri Jan 19 19:30:33 CET 2018

Ok. Thanks Martin.

Disconnect manually the loop by commenting "equate" is the same COMPASS 
do automatically. Looking in COMPASS documentation I have found It 
rename the loop close station (example: "station3" and "[station3]"),  
to can see the gap between the stations.

El 19/01/2018 a las 18:54, Martin Sluka via Therion escribió:
>> 19. 1. 2018 v 17:59, Evaristo Quiroga via Therion <therion at speleo.sk>:
>> Now what I want is to do is the same I do in Compass. Run a compilation with loop closure and another without, breaking the loops. If you see side by side the two models is more easy to understand the error origin.
> Not very correct by the way I think.
> You may compile your file with parameter „debug on“ in layout. It will show you where are errors graphically.
> Or you may manually disconnect particular loop simple by commenting „equate“ in data file.
> Martin
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