[Therion] extention at the rear of the Distox

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Tue Aug 28 15:16:06 CEST 2018

Device Information
The FUNC key can be used to show a sequence of information screens. FUNC key in idle
mode shows the first screen. FUNC again navigates from one screen to the next. Use the
SMART key to return to the previous screen.
Screen 4: Endpiece Offset
Shows the actual endpiece offset in mm (-128 - 127).
To change the level first press the PLUS and MINUS keys for 2 seconds to allow editing.
Then press the PLUS or MINUS key to change the value.
Changing the offset is useful for self-made endpieces or other cases where a non-standard
reference is used.


> 28. 8. 2018 v 14:48, Markus Boldt via Therion <therion at speleo.sk>:
> Hi, 
> Evaristo and Martin have showed extentions for the Distox. It is a very good Idea. But what is with the so extended length of the distance? Must I change all measurings by hand in the list of Pockettopo or Topodroid or is there a possibility to “say” that to the distox by default? 
> Thanks for the answers. 
> Regards 
> Markus 
> BTW: The meeting at Ebensee was very good and interesting for me as a “only” user. 
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