[Therion] No scrap stations causes warning and aborts deleting log contents

Bruce Mutton bruce at tomo.co.nz
Sun Sep 17 03:12:58 CEST 2017

This warning occasionally occurs and aborts Therion compilation, despite it
only being a warning.

In addition the therion log file also only contains the warning.  All other
information is removed and no other output is produced.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Therion\therion.exe: warning -- error deleting
temporary directory -- C:\Users\Bruce\AppData\Local\Temp\th7272"


Sometime back, 5.3.16-ish I think, this type of warning was just that, a
warning that did not impact on the project being compiled.

After a while Therion, or the user, would successfully delete the temporary
folder and all would be well.  


This time around this project would not get past the error, even though I
manually deleted all the temporary folders.  Other projects compiled OK.


As is often the case, it was my own fault, I was busy drawing, and had
created a new scrap, but had forgotten to add any 'point stations'.  As I
had not scaled the scrap either, Therion quite rightly did not know where to
put it or what size to make it. The result being Therion aborts with the
above warning and deletes all log information that the user could have used
to debug the situation.


I seem to recall that this scenario used to cause a different error message,
but one that was a little more helpful to the user.

Maybe this could be trapped and a useful message provided in a future




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