[Therion] Multiple fixes for the same point

Bruce Mutton bruce at tomo.co.nz
Mon Sep 11 10:08:03 CEST 2017

Benedikt wrote
>The option to use "alias names" for fixes instead of directly numbers would be good, this would allow to ship standards with therion and allow the user to to define custom ones, just like in grade definitions.

Not sure I understand correctly what you mean.

We can make alias now, using equate.  This is what I usually do for gps fixes.

In a cave survey 'index data file'...
cs lat long
fix gpsEntrance01 <lat> <long> <altitude> [<stderr> etc ]
fix gpsEntrance02 <lat> <long> <altitude>

equate gpsEntrance01  53@<survey1>
equate gpsEntrance02  1@<survey14>
equate gpsEntrance01  AliasNameCreatedByThisStatement

ie 53@<survey1>, gpsEntrance01 and AliasNameCreatedByThisStatement are all alias' of each other.  They all refer to the same physical point. The last name is created by the equate statement, whereas the others all exist prior to the execution of the equate statements.

Or were you meaning something different?


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