[Therion] Therion doestn't run on macOS Sierra

Gernot Voelkl g.voelkl at rmvg.at
Thu Oct 13 07:17:51 CEST 2016

Morning all together!

Yesterday i make an update to macOS Sierra. After updating the main operating system I make an update oft he xCode CommonLines in the Therminal

xcode -select-install

After updating i make a version control

xcode -Select-v (version 8)

Then i start the terminal and run xtherion.

I can work with the compiler and all other features. When i change to the maps generator I can open maps but after a short time wehn I beginn to draw the xtherion closes and write a fault.

Is it possible that therin doesn't run on macOS Sierra?

Please Helpe me

Best kindly regards Gernot
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