[Therion] XTherion modifications

Wookey wookey at wookware.org
Fri Feb 19 18:28:41 CET 2016

+++ Владимир Георгиев [2016-02-19 19:11 +0200]:
> On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 5:23 PM, Wookey <wookey at wookware.org> wrote:

>     So I merged your code into the debian package. You had managed to
>     'dosify' me_cmds2.tcl which made a massive patch, but I've fixed that
>     (and quite a lot of trailing whitespace).
>     Patch attached to save anyone else the work.
>     I'm building the package now and will upload soon if everything works.
> ​Don't know that you mean by "dosify" :)

Changed all the lineends from 0x0A (unix linefeeds) to 0x0D,0x0A (DOS
linefeeds) (which makes every line different). Normally this is a
problem with editors silently converting your files, but sometimes
also VCSes. Not helped by the fact that some files from upstream are
'mixed line-ends', which can confuse editors.

> Indeed there was some whitespace in most of the files. I didn't remove it
> exactly to avoid making a large patch/commit.

Right, but you (well, your editor, no doubt) added some more :-)

The debian package has a huge whitespace patch to fix this irritation,
but Stacho has not merged it upstream yet :-(

> About building the packages, I actually tried building xtherion only, not the
> whole Therion. But I suppose that xtherion should not affect the rest of the
> build process.

No, it's not your fault. I recall this being an issue already. Therion
build-depends on itself, so it builds OK if it's already installed on the
build machine (and the library catalogue hasn't changed between what's
installed and what's building), but not in a clean environment. Which
means I don't understand how the current debian builds are building at
all (because they should be done in just such an environement)

I was going to fix it properly by generating the catalogue in a less
crufty way, but have clearly not got round to it.

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