[Therion] survey of survey

Philippe Vernant phil.vernant at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 13:40:53 CET 2016


Sorry for bothering you every day, today's question is :
I have a toto.th file :

survey toto -title “Toto"
  input toto_old.th
  input toto_new.th

     equate  1.15 at toto_old  1.3 at toto_new


Since I’m merging an old survey with a new one, I have stations from both surveys that are in the same scrap, in the toto-1p.th2 file I use:

point 1271.69 1802.81 station -name 1.8 at toto_old.toto

But when I compile I have the following error :

therion: error — toto-1p.th2 [10] -- survey does not exist -- toto_old.toto -- station does not exist -- 1.8 at toto_old.toto

What the heck am I missing ?


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