[Therion] XTherion: Line simplification

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Wed Apr 6 14:39:36 CEST 2016

And "Convert to curve" doesn’t works for you?


> 6. 4. 2016 v 13:45, Владимир Георгиев <vld.georgiev at gmail.com>:
> Hi guys
> There was one option I was missing in XTherion to reduce the number of points in a line.
> I work mostly with Topodroid and depending on the settings while drawing, in some cases I end up with lines with hundreds of points. This makes them harder to edit, enlarges the TH2 file and slows the compilation.
> I added a menu Edit line > Simplify line that reduces the points. There is also a setting in xtherion.ini called "xth(gui,me,line,simp_limit)" that controls how smooth/rough the line becomes. A value of 10 seemed to work well for me.
> One limitation is that Bezier lines become simple lines.
> I've attached a few screenshots, the patch file, and the xtherion.tcl file.
> Would be nice is someone can test how it works with their scraps.
> Vladimir
> <xtherion.rar><0001-xtherion-Added-line-simplification-menu-in-Edit-line.patch><2016-04-06 14_31_40.png><2016-04-06 14_20_41.png><2016-04-06 14_21_13.png><2016-04-06 14_22_09.png><2016-04-06 14_23_15.png><2016-04-06 14_31_09.png>_______________________________________________
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