[Therion] KML Issues

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Mon Jul 27 21:38:31 CEST 2015


Check this wiki entry





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On 27 Jul 2015 5:34 pm, "Nick Bairstow" <Nick at pff.uk.com> wrote:

> I have checked for walls/pillars with the tick mark the wrong way round
and all look OK. I notice that other people have had issues with this a
while back and even noticed that Andrew stopped using kml output. In all
cases the compile runs with no warnings and the pdf output is fine.
I have not stopped, just googlemaps got rid of the easy way to put kml on,
by embedding the links. They are more fussy than pdf, bug looks like you
have checked for the right things. Sometimes you need to close the end of a
scrap with an invisible wall for the algorithm to work, this was a solution
to a previous email thread I started on loc models, but it seems to apply to
kml as well. Currently I am away with limited tech so cannot find the
thread, hopefully someone else  will help you with the rest, otherwise I
will in 10days or so


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