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kevin dixon geospatial3d at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 11:10:50 CET 2015

Colour by Altitude
Is it possible to colour by altitude along the wall edges only ?
I do not want the scrap filled with colour, just a colour edging along the
walls, either inside or outside and preferably able to define the colour
width. Perhaps add a feature to the colour fill function to allow the user
to specify complete fill or edge width plus inside/outside ?

Cross Sections
I have a major cave system in Survex with lots of splays that help define
cross sections and I am in the process of converting it all to Therion
again - was not happy with the first conversion due to my inexperience with
Is it possible to create a cross section within Xtherion by selecting the
station and only the splays that define the cross section ?
That is, either the software automatically grabs the splays within a
certain threshold perpendicular to the centreline or the software allows
manual selection of which splays to use. My current method of manually
creating cross section data subsets is time consuming.


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