[Therion] Google Earth Pro

Steve Clark sbc23 at cantab.net
Sun Feb 1 22:59:18 CET 2015

Just a quick note to say Google have just removed the fee from the 
Google Earth Pro licence (previously $400). This has a few features that 
are not available in normal google earth, including some export options 
and the ability to record movie fly-by's and zooms.

I hoped it would allow the import of 3d .kml profiles which could be 
viewed in through a semi-transparent terrain. Unfortunately, it doesn't.

You can, however, view the 3d .kml (for centrelines) for all altitudes 
above 0m (sea level) as follows :

Turn of the 'terrain' rendering in the 'Layers' box (unavailable in 
normal google earth)
Open up the 'Therion KML Export' in the Temporary Places section by 
clicking the small arrow.
Right click on the three small dots and bring up the properties box.
Select the altitude tab and change from 'Clamped to Ground' to 'Absolute'

You can now view a cave centreline in 3d, hovering above the aerial 

Steve Clark

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