[Therion] version 5.3.15

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Wed May 28 11:44:47 CEST 2014

Bad news is that it seems Wish86t has been swapped back to Wish84 with

Even so I cannot get Wish84 to function, it silently 'does nothing' with no
error message.

I have to start Xtherion directly from the OS and manually open the thconfig
file from the Xtherion interface rather than open thconfig directly from the
file manager as I usually do.


Good news is that all of the TeX variables (that I have tried) work very
nicely thanks, and the "invalid colors for station names and wall altitudes"
is indeed fixed.



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There are just few bugfixes and minor improvements.


Build process was also changed a little bit, I hope, it will not cause any




On 27 May 2014 20:07, Martin Sluka <martinsluka at mac.com> wrote:

Current version is 5.3.15, released on May 27, 2014


THNX, Stacho!



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