[Therion] Therion Digest, Vol 101, Issue 6

Dave Clucas dave.clucas at icloud.com
Sun May 25 17:55:31 CEST 2014

> On 25 May 2014, at 11:00, therion-request at speleo.sk wrote:
>> 24. 5. 2014 v 20:50, Dave Clucas <dave.clucas at icloud.com>:
>>> How do I use this formula to install Therion?
>>> If I use brew install thereon I get 
>>> mycaves:~ daveclucas$ brew install therion
>> Dave, have you tried: 
>> mycaves:~ daveclucas$ brew install /science/therion

Yes, it didn’t work.

It turns out the problem I was having wasn’t related to 10.9.3 but was something causing a problem when using two extended desktops connected to my laptop with Thunderbolt.
It worked fine with them connected to my Mac Mini but I have a problem correctly intalling Therion on the Mac Mini.

Dave Clucas
dave.clucas at icloud.com

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