[Therion] Xtherion - User defined areas in Map Editor

Steve Clark sbc23 at cantab.net
Wed May 21 23:30:19 CEST 2014

I may be missing something here, apologies if I'm making an obvious error!

I am having difficultly with user defined areas in the Map Editor (v. 

When I want to draw a user defined line (eg. u:divingline), I just enter 
u:divingline in the 'type' box  of the Lines section and it works fine.

When I try to draw a user-defined area (eg. u:lake), I enter u:lake in 
the 'type' box it automatically fills in the 'options' box with -subtype 
lake. I can't seem to find any way of entering a user-defined area in 
the Map Editor such that it appears correctly in the text of the .th2 
file as 'area u:lake'

I can correct it by manually editing the .th2 file in the text editor 
and it works fine, but whenever I open and then save the .th2 file again 
in the map editor it reverts to 'u -subtype lake'.

Any help much appreciated.


Steve Clark

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