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Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Tue May 20 11:03:50 CEST 2014

20. 5. 2014 v 10:10, Alvaro Iribarren <airibarr at gmail.com>:

> - What is the basic steps to create a drawing? :
>        1.- create file *.th with cave data
>        2.- export data to *.xvi format
>        3.- create a th2 file and insert xvi file
>        4.- in drawing :
>                a) create scrap
>                b) mark point stations
>                c) insert walls
>                d) insert other objects and details
>                          .....
>        5.- export to pdf format or other formats
>    - How i can hide polygonal lines in pdf?, if i use "flag splay", don't show
>      me the statistics, but if no use this option, appears polygonal lines in 
>      drawing but show me statistics .

Hi Alvaro,

- th files are archive of surveying trip.
- th2 files are drawings of scraps (SMALL parts of final maps)

Definition of map/s [map xxxx …. endmap] is absolutely independent from data in th files! Only definitions of one map or several maps are part of [survey yyy … ensurvey].

There are commands for layout: hide-symbol and show-symbol.

Crossing fingers

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