[Therion] symbol colour leaking

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Fri Mar 14 09:54:58 CET 2014

I've got an problem with colours leaking to places they should not.  Has
been present since at least 5.3.12 through 5.3.14


For example, if I add this statement to a layout;


            symbol-colour point station-name [54 7 60]          


Then my station names are purple, as intended, but a few of the wall
altitudes will also be purple, which is not as intended.  If I move them to
another wall point, then usually I can get them to drop the rogue colour
eventually.  In the example below, 178 is black as intended, and 185 is the
wrong colour.


I see I also have a similar thing going on with the rock-edge lines.  One of
the 4 rocks below has grey rock-edges, and it is even more bizarre, because
it persists when I drop all colour statements from my layouts.


(Don't worry about the coloured centrelines - I am experimenting with
visualisation of the various shot flags - and that at least seems to be
behaving well)



Can anyone offer a solution, or a place to look for the problem? - my guess
is that either the meta-post for writing the station-name or the wall
altitude is written consistent with whatever the therion convention is, but
when I search the source I cannot decipher how to find the code for these
two particular symbols.




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