[Therion] Compatibility with Survex

Wookey wookey at wookware.org
Fri Jan 24 16:01:51 CET 2014

+++ Wookey [2014-01-23 02:50 +0000]:
> +++ Stacho Mudrak [2014-01-22 23:02 +0100]:
> >    I have upgraded survex img parser in 5.3.13 version released few minutes
> >    ago.
> >    No other important changes have been made.
> Thanks for including nearly all the non debian-specific patches upstream Stacho.
> Is there any particualar reason you didn't include the 'wrong-size tabs'
> whitespace patch? That seems like an uncontroversial upstream fix.
> Anyway, it was a gloriously simple update - uscan, and quilt-delete the
> patches that are now upstream. I'll upload a 5.3.13 soon assuming it
> builds/tests OK.

OK. Therion 5.3.13 is now in Debian unstable. With the serious 'no
background images' bug finally fixed. As ever feedback is welcome if
there are remaining issues..

Hopefully this will be a good release to end up in the next stable
release (it would be good to get the wx 3.0 transition done too for
that, but currently loch hangs. Olly would be very happy if anyone did
some work on looking into that, I'm sure. There is a patch to let it
build in the package, but not applied:

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