[Therion] Define constants in files

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Sat Dec 27 13:28:35 CET 2014


In development languages I'm used to defining various constants values in
the files, but I couldn't find such in Therion 
Have you considered adding this feature? 

For example I use the cave name in several places in the .th and .thc
files. Then for the next cave I usually copy the template and change the
name in all the places it is mentioned. This will be easier to do with a
constant value that is changed only in one place.

Something like this:

 === in TH files ===
DEFINE %NAME%='My cave name'

survey %NAME% -title "%NAME% cave located somewhereПещера %NAME%..."
 input %NAME%.th2

=== in THC files ===
layout ZZZ
 map-comment "The %NAME% is a very nice cave, etc, etc"
export map -projection extended -output %NAME%-xelev.pdf 
export map -projection plan -output %NAME%-plan.pdf

So you can change the DEFINE %NAME% only at the begining of the file and
the value will be reflected when compiling in every place the %NAME% is

Or am I too picky 


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