[Therion] PocketTopo Trips

Giorgio Pannuzzo ipogeorge at email.it
Tue Oct 22 09:23:19 CEST 2013

Things are a little bit complicated... "trip" and "file" are different

"Actual trip" is the default trip data attached to a new file.
Changing its parameters just creates a new trip section in a file, applied
ONLY to all new legs.

So, a single .top file may contain several trips (with different
declinations, dates, teams, comments and so on).

"Trip" command is used to change the parametres of any previously created

The bad thing is that you can't create a new trip in the middle of to a .top
file or change the leg where the trip begins. Then, post-editing of trips
could became a nightmare.
You can easily monitor trip structure of a file looking into .txt export.

My solution is to avoid at all .top files containing more than a trip.

Of course, you must create a new .top file for any branch and/or day.
Or maybe, even for any "scrap", when sketch became too complicated.

Anyway, I'm aware Beat was working to a new version of PocketTopo with a lot
of changes.


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>    And it would need to be able to do just that off. This is one bad
quality of Therion...Radek Regards Martin and all.---------- Pvodní zpráva
----------Od: Martin Sluka <martinsluka at mac.com>Datum: 21. 10. 2013Pedmt:
Re: [Therion] PocketTopo TripsBruce, trip is something as survey. Actual
trip is trip you work on it. New one or opened one. PocketTopo presumes all
trips of one cave are in one folder. You may edit only actual trip, all
others are visible, but locked.m.Oct 21, 2013 v 8:14 PM, Bruce
<bruce at tomo.co.nz>:The whole Actual Trip and Trip thing in PocketTopo has
never made sense to me.  I sort of figured it out when learning to use it by
studying the exported file structure. 
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