[Therion] select / unselect export map with and without offset

Andrew Atkinson andrew at wotcc.org.uk
Mon Oct 14 12:22:14 CEST 2013

On 14/10/13 10:22, Bertrand Hauser wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't understand the use of select/unselect.
> I want to produce 2 export : one map without offset, and another one with
> offset.
> So I have defined in my survey "caviteMEGEVETTE" the 2 maps :
> map planGeneral
>   planSuperieur
>   break
>   planInferieur
>   break
> endmap
> map planGeneralDecoupe
>   planSuperieur
>   break
>   planInferieur [0 -100 m] below
>   break
> endmap
> In my thconfig file, I specify :
> ### Plan en un seul morceau (no offset)
> select planGeneral at caviteMEGEVETTE
> export map -projection plan -o ../plan.pdf -layout mon_plan
> unselect planGeneral at caviteMEGEVETTE
> ### Ces lignes concernent un plan en 2 morceaux (with offset).
> select planGeneralDecoupe at caviteMEGEVETTE
> export map -projection plan -o ../planDecoupe.pdf -layout mon_plan_decoupe
> unselect planGeneralDecoupe at caviteMEGEVETTE
> But the first export have the offset map...
> I tried to add an unselect to all the id of map definition, but the result
> is still the same.
> The unique solution is to comment alternatively each block "select - export
> - unselect" and compile both separatively.
> What is the way to generate the both export in the same compilation ?
I am reasonably sure that you cannot do export with different selections
in the same thconfig file. To test I have just moved all my selects to
the bottom of the file after the export, and it still does the
selection. Then I exported a map, then did a select then exported again
(different name) both are the same. So it looks as if it reads the whole
file processes the selections then exports the files, so I guess your
config above also produces the same in both files. Not sure of the
effect of the select then unselect however with a quick play it looks
like the select overrides the unselect, so unselect will do nothing in
the above. To me it looks like if you have a select, the unselects are
ignored, which makes sense, as if something is selected, the rest are
automatically unselected (I assume this is for each projection, but have
not tested this.)

Therefore, the only way I can see to do what you would like, is as you
say, comment one out then the other, or have 2 separate thconfig files,
which is what I tend to do.


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