[Therion] Topparser response

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Tue Jul 30 22:02:51 CEST 2013

Fast work Andrew
I have downloaded and opened it.  The change order and change cavers dialogs
now look like they should work.
I may not have time to look at this further for another couple of weeks, but
I will do as soon as I am free.

Someone could add Topparser to
if they want.  Otherwise I will add it in due course.


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Okay new version uploaded, not sure why it has a double name on
bitbucket, but it comes through as a normally named file.

Fixed the add/delete cavers window
Instruments now included in the th file.

Instructions are in the process of been uploaded but not in this release.

Now to see if I can solve the not processing data problem, could you
send me your thconfig file you generated with TopParse. If you do not
mind, all the files generated, might be better, include the top file
would be good, I will see what happens on this machine

On 29/07/13 22:37, Bruce wrote:
>> I take it from your screen shots that when you click the add/delete
> button you just get a blank(ish) window
> correct
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