[Therion] preview below with many colors

Marco Corvi marco_corvi at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 08:57:43 CET 2013

hi bruce,

they sort of come from therion, but it's a bad hack.
it was just a proof-of-concept.
i was too lazy to play with the sources, so i did it by hand.

anyways, here is the recipe:
define one preview color not used elsewhere (just to find it easily), say [70 20 20].
compile with debug (-d).
go in thTMPDIR and edit the tex file, search the preview color (0.70 0.20 0.20
in the example), and insert your colors before the maps
(you might have to rearrange their order as well).
run pdftex (the "final" step of therion compile): data.pdf is your map.

kind of awkward, isn't it ?
that's why i'd like to have it done by therion without any fiddling with the temporary files.

by the way, i also noticed the problem with preview-above, but i do not know
if it's therion or the reader.


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I presume the colours in your example did
not come from Therion?
But if they did, how to do?
BTW I think we still have a long standing
bug where by preview-above is always dark grey regardless of the user setting.
colour preview-above [80 0 40]  #should
be magenta, but preview above is still dark grey
Is it possible to fix?

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Subject: [Therion] preview below
with many colors
i'm making
a therion map with many colors for the maps previewed below.
attached is
a snapshot of the map (still in draft) in acroread.
with xpdf
does not look so good (... maybe my mistake).
it would
also be nice to have transparency in the below colors,
and that
the order of the below areas reflect that of the selected map(s)
better, altitude)
is it
possible ?
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