[Therion] point:passage-height

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
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The key to modifying the symbol definition may lie in the file thText.mp in
the sources


Ie Here is the code from 5.3.9 as an example


vardef p_label@#(expr txt,pos,rot,mode) =

  if (mode=1) or (mode=7): interim labeloffset:=(u/8) fi;

  lab:=thelabel@#(txt, pos);

  if mode>1: pickup PenD fi;

  if mode=1:

    pickup pencircle scaled (u/6);



  elseif mode=2: process_uplabel;       

  elseif mode=3: process_downlabel;

  elseif mode=4: process_updownlabel;

  elseif mode=5: process_circledlabel;

  elseif mode=6: process_boxedlabel;

  elseif mode=7: process_label(pos,rot);  % station name

  elseif mode=8: process_filledlabel(pos, rot);

  else: process_label(pos,rot); fi;



I have not looked into how it works, but I'm guessing the 'point height' and
'point passage-height' labels are one of the 'modes' above, and that the
processes called are default metapost routines.  Too complicated for me to


BTW shouldn't you be using 'point height' to indicate the height of cobble
banks, rather than 'point passage-height'? (Probably the same symbol size
issue will apply).


Also, as a path to a possible work around, I think the AUT symbol set
includes the option to label 'line pit' (or is it 'line wall:pit')?  I have
never managed to get it to work - but have not tried too hard either.





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Footleg - I'm not using the symbol to control the passage height, I'm using
it to show the depth of a trench in a gravel bank.

Vasily - I'm already using base-scale to control the size of other symbols
but this one is too big. I need to make it smaller without changing all the
symbols. The size is probably related to the font size but again I'm happy
with the font size for labels etc, I just want to change this particular


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