[Therion] inkscape to .th2 scale problem

Erik VdBroeck erik at speleo.tv
Fri Jan 4 21:32:58 CET 2013

Hello Martin,
the reason why some scraps are empty is because inkscape 'save as... .th2'
saves layers to scraps, even if some layers are empty.
In my map-plan view, it outputs 4 layers as 4 different scraps: splay to
walls and splay to details, which both were empty for this cave section, and
two scraps with indeed some objects: the surveyline layer and the width
layer were put in these scraps, on which I wanted to draw passagewalls in
I trie to export another part of my svg-file to .th2 format, after deleting
empty layers, and everything works nicely now !
thank you so much!


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On Jan 4, 2013, at 5:33 PM, Erik VdBroeck <erik at speleo.tv> wrote:

C:\Program Files\Therion\therion.exe: error -- scrap psVectorEntree at GAF
defined at ingang.th2 [128] is too large to process in metapost in this
scale -- maximal scale for this scrap is 1 : 847186
no matter what scale I set when saving the .svg-bits into .th2: it always
returns the same error. My scraps are extremely small, for instance this
file with just an entrance section of 10 stations with passage widths, total
file size is only 2,45 kb !

There is something strange in your Inkscape export. There are exported
several scraps. Only two of them with objects in. But all scraps are
calibrated. See screenshots. The survey line and widths (LR) lines are
exported too as objects line wall. You don't export survey lines and width
lines, they could be exported in therion. If there is no blue object in the
scrap it means this scrap is empty. Map I exported after two stations were
deleted. I had no data for those stations.

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