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Photoshop - raster to image. I use it for years. 

Resolution depends on printer you will use: Canon and HP 300/600 dpi, Epson 360 dpi. Both for final size!. The reason is print in native resolution of printing head and don't make interpolations.


Dec 16, 2013 v 5:56 AM, Bruce <bruce at tomo.co.nz>:

>> But for A1 or A0 posters I give pdf files to the
>> print shop. As yet, as far as memory tells me (I have none to hand) they
>> look like the Acrobat rendition, but others may have different experiences
>> to me.
> It is usual for me to have difficulty with print shops having subtle
> problems with printing maps - areas in particular.  Even when they display
> OK on screen.  Adobe Illustrator I think is what they use.  A solution I
> have used for small files is to convert to jpg.  Large files crash any
> converter I have, so no overall solution other than to live in hope...
> Bruce
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