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Markus Boldt markus.boldt at gmx.net
Mon Dec 16 08:52:56 CET 2013

Every time i want to print something in a "shop", I ask my printer witch
Printer-profile he will use. May be "Forga" for example. Then I save my File
from Adobe Indesign or Acrobat with this profile. And I will have no
problems with the colors - normaly... 
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all

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It's strange, but I thought that the whole point of pdf was that the
document would present in identical fashion across displays and platforms.
Has anyone tried printing from different rendering engines & seeing in what
ways the results differ?

Screen display is all very well, but if you are having printing done,
especially by a print shop whose software you have no control over, how do
you know what the results are going to look like before you have coughed up
the (frequently not inconsiderable) price.

What I do know is that if I export to jpg from, Acrobat then the results do
seem to look the same as the Acrobat rendition & those are what get
incorporated into journals. But for A1 or A0 posters I give pdf files to the
print shop. As yet, as far as memory tells me (I have none to hand) they
look like the Acrobat rendition, but others may have different experiences
to me.


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