[Therion] Therion et al on Win 7 or 8.1

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Wed Dec 4 08:26:51 CET 2013

I'm staring down the barrel of having to migrate away from Windows XP.


To help me get started on the decision making process, are there any tales
of terror or reassurance from the Therion family of application users with
Win7 or Win8.1?


To name a few applications that need to integrate well,  a text editor (in
my case Notepad++), Therion, Survex, PocketTopo, Topparser and Foxit or
Adobe pdf readers.


For example Michael had (has?) a problem where Win7 will not open thconfig
files from the os explorer window, whereas windows xp works fine.  I think
it gets stuck with wish84 as I mentioned on





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