[Therion] Absolute Clino reading

Andrew Atkinson andrew at wotcc.org.uk
Wed Apr 17 20:52:08 CEST 2013

Sorry it looks like I was not clear enough

It is the clino readings.
 0 is horizontal, 90 up, 270 down, Therion appears to reject any clino
readings that are not between -90 and 90.

For completeness, the Total station also seems to allow 0 as down, 90 as
horizontal, and 180 as up, but not 0 as level, -90 as down, and 90 as up
(We had a person who used it for a job running it so reasonably sure it
was not user error)


On 17/04/13 18:27, Martin Sluka wrote:
> Does it mean the angles are counterclockwise not clockwise? Where is zero (N, E, S, W)?
> Apr 17, 2013 v 6:57 PM, Andrew Atkinson <andrew at wotcc.org.uk>:
>> The total station records absolute angles, (in degrees and minutes)
>> which therion does not process. So 320 should be interpreted as -40
> Martin
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