[Therion] code tex-map /comment

Andrew Atkinson andrew at wotcc.org.uk
Wed Apr 17 15:33:46 CEST 2013

Hi all

I am having a little difficulty with this.

What I am aiming at is the scale bar and north arrow in the top right
and comment legend and comment in bottom left(ish)

so I have got to this

code tex-map

Which works fine

however as soon as I try to add /comment it either does not compile with
a 256 error, or the comment does not appear.

If I only have

map-header 0 80 nw
code tex-map
	\comment={Some words}{}

that works fine (although second set of brackets took a while to get),
but not sure what use when I could use map-comment.

but I cannot find a way to use it in \legendbox.

any hints appreciated



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