[Therion] Using smaller fonts

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Wed Apr 10 02:08:03 CEST 2013

Presume you have seen this

The example in the wiki might well be out of date, so you should take the
code from the source or mptexpre.tex I think.

Copy this code to a layout of your own, then add 
 write "\def\thstationname{\size[3]}" to "mptexpre.tex";
near the end of the block of code in the layout.

Reference this layout directly or indirectly from your thconfig and the
station names should come out at font size 3.

At least this is my guess - I have not tried it.
Or am I just repeating something you have already tried?

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is it possible to use a smaller font size for the
I know to use -scale xs for the station-name. It
is not small enough and I want to change this global.

So i tried using the "def fonts_setup" but nothing

write "\def\thstationname{\size[4]}" to "mptexpre.tex";

Under debug mode -d i can find this saved in mptexpre.tex
But no change in the output pdf

	Gl├╝ck tief

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