[Therion] Help! Large chamber problem

Gerrie Pretorius gw.pretorius at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 21:21:52 CEST 2013

Hi I am fairly new to Therion, i worked through all the tutorials i could
find and i am now busy doing my first actual survey with therion.

The cave i am surveying has a large main chamber, about 70m wide and 100m
The disto cant reach the edges of the chamber from the centre of the
so as a result i surveyed several loops inside this one chamber.

although i enclosed all these loops in single cave wall, it appears as if
therion still sees this as multiple passsages and calculates the length of
the cave accordingly

so how do i approach this large chamber problem from a therion perspective?

thank you in advance.

Gerrie Pretorius
South Africa
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