[Therion] Splays in pdf plans

Andrew Atkinson andrew at wotcc.org.uk
Thu Sep 20 09:40:10 CEST 2012

Hope this does not break the tread, but as I am not receiving the mails
I cannot do a reply, just have to read the archives

> And this next snapshot from the same pdf file shows passages in various
> stages of drawing completion.  All of the passages have splay shots, but
> only the passages that have the centreline included in the map definition
> have their splays included in the output.
> This is a large project, so I may have forgotten something, but I am pretty
> sure that is all there is to it.  They are the principles I have followed on
> other smaller projects and they work out OK.
> I should point out that I have never used the shot flag 'splay'.  All of my
> data with splay shots comes from PocketTopo, and so I make use of the
> default behaviour.
> "All shots having one of the stations named either '.' or '-' are splay
> shots by default" (from the Therion Book)
> Explicitly using the shot flag splay may invoke different behaviour - I have
> never tried.

Thanks Bruce, this gave me the hints I needed to do it.
So I was including the survey file in the map, but that did not work.
Still only got the centreline but no splays. I am also using pockettopo
data with - as the to station.
What I was doing wrong. I only had one map in the file so was allowing
therion to do its stuff with no select option in the config file, also
as the map has map information you do not need to use -proj plan, it
just works. So to get splays displayed as the 'default' you need to
select the map it is in (possible a high level one would work but I have
tried enough for now) and explicitly have  -proj plan on the map group,
otherwise you only get the centreline.



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