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Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Wed Sep 19 22:58:48 CEST 2012

You may have noticed I have been adding a lot of stuff over the last couple
of years (much of it embarrassingly incomplete) and even a little bit of
minor restructuring.


Basically every time I learn something I stick it on there, as I figure that
others may also be struggling with the same thing, or hopefully someone else
will point out the error of my ways and correct it.  Also been putting in
links between similar information.


I agree that the content could be categorized more rationally and similar
pages grouped together.  I won't promise to help much, as you will notice
that I already have some unfinished pages.


The bug tracker! I live in eternal hope that the items on the list will be
actioned.  I browse it occasionally to see if anything has moved, as I am
building up a large list of things that are waiting for bug fixes or
requested features. If I thought I could learn the skills in the time
available I would tweak the therion code myself, but instead I will wait
almost patiently :-) and dabble with metapost.





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