[Therion] import from Auriga

Martin Sluka martinsluka at me.com
Fri Sep 14 10:53:46 CEST 2012

There is an uncommented feature to export data directly to cvs. But I don't understand what the headers of several columns means.

End, (Azimuth), Direct and (Slope)


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On Sep 14, 2012, at 10:02 AM, Footleg wrote:

> I've done this via the Compass format. I export from Auriga to Compass
> format using the conduit.
> I then cut and paste my the data from the Compass file (which is plain
> text) into MS Word.
> An example of some data:
> ORIG.00  ORIG.01  22.96  228.1  0.0  -999.00  -999.00  -999.00  -999.00
> ORIG.01  ORIG.02  50.84  253.1  0.0  -999.00  -999.00  -999.00  -999.00
> ORIG.02  ORIG.03  54.12  243.1  2.0  -999.00  -999.00  -999.00  -999.00
> Use search and replace to convert all double spaces into single spaces
> until every data item is separated by a single space character.
> Then replace the spaces with commas and save the data as a CSV file.
> Open the CSV file in Excel (or convert data to table in MS Word and
> then you can copy and paste it straight into an Excel spreadsheet).
> Use the attached spreadsheet to convert the compass format data (which
> will have converted all lengths into feet), to survex/Therion
> formatted data.
> The spreadsheet was actually originally written for Survex where I put
> the LRUD data as a comment on the end of the leg. But you can
> rearrange the formulae in the spreadsheet to alter for format to suit
> how you want it.
> Finally copy and paste the data from Excel back into a plain text file
> editor to generate the therion or survex files.
> I am working on adding Compass reader and writers to my cave data
> converter tool, but that addition is not top of my todo list right
> now.
> (This is the tool I am talking about if anyone did not know about it:
> http://www.darkgem.com/wscc/caving-talk/index.php?title=CaveSurveyDataConverter
> )
> Footleg
> On 14 September 2012 08:17, Martin Sluka <martinsluka at me.com> wrote:
>> Has anybody tried to import data from Auriga?
>> If yes, please may you send me a "cookbook", please.
>> Thanks
>> Martin s.
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