[Therion] Incorrect depth generated for legend

McLendonJP at aol.com McLendonJP at aol.com
Tue Jun 26 23:06:50 CEST 2012

I recently used Therion to produce a map for a short horizontal cave. The  
cave is only a little over 100' long and the floor is almost level from one 
end  to the other. The "depth" information that Therion generated for the 
legend is 3  feet even though some of the passage in the cave is 5 feet high. 
I'm assuming  that therion uses the vertical difference between the highest 
station and the  lowest station to generate the depth number without regard 
to LRUD data, is  this correct? And does anybody have a suggestion for how I 
can easily  get the correct depth output onto my map? I can see how this 
could be a  significant issue if you had a cave with little vertical extent 
except for a  high dome. You would have to shoot a shot to a station at the 
top of the dome to  capture it's vertical extent in the legend data.
Also, I experimented with using "walls on" to see if it would get  Therion 
to use the LRUD data to determine depth. It didn't, but I found  that 
Therion is reading my LRUD data as meters instead of feet. I use the  command 
"units length feet" before the data but seems to only work for the tape  
measurement. Am I missing something?
Sorry if these questions are a little basic, but I've still got a lot to  
learn about Therion. 
Much thanks,
JP McLendon
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