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Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Fri Jun 15 09:57:40 CEST 2012

<Martin wrote

>The original idea of Therion is that "survey" represents one survey trip. .
So it is not the best idea to manipulate with surveys. 


I agree Martin, one survey file, one trip.  However we just did a survey of
three small multi-entrance caves and overland surveys over a couple of days.
In hindsight we were a bit messy in practice as we surveyed into one cave
and out of another entrance and into another cave, then back out to the
first cave etc etc.  


What I found was that Therion could not (or I could not get Therion to)
adequately resolve the statistics for the caves individually until I split
some of those surveys into two or three.  It also would not separate surface
survey statistics from cave statistics (but I think that is a bug).
Statistics are resolved correctly for maps but not for survey-list.


So as a last resort I cut the survey trips into multiple surveys/files.  If
I had drawn the scraps before doing this I would have had a difficult job
patching it all back together.  An unusual situation perhaps, but one where
manipulation of the survey files was able to lay a better foundation on
which to build scraps and maps.



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