[Therion] help for extended start

Marco Corvi marco_corvi at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 12 13:22:57 CEST 2012

i tried

extend ignore BDVv57 BDVv58
and drop point station -name BDVv58 at ... from the scrap


 From: Danilo Magnani <mamillis at gmail.com>
To: List for Therion users <therion at speleo.sk> 
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 9:41 PM
Subject: [Therion] help for extended start

first of all sorry for my english.

I need help: I want that the above/below map (dark map) join point BDVv38 (and start from) instead BDVv58.

I don't really know if my work is good, so any suggestion is welcome.


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