[Therion] How to draw flooded passages

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Sun Oct 30 11:32:31 CET 2011

I thought this would be easy, but on making an example I find there is an
Where a water area overlies a sump area (B6), the sump fill shows through
the water fill, and it seems that an area that comprises two concentric
circles does not 'make a hole' in the fill as I had hoped.  I have some
other ideas that I can try later on...

If an airbell scrap overlies the sump the water fill obliterates the sump
fill as it should (B8). 

There is the old issue of filled joins between scraps not being aligned
(between B5 & B6).  I don't think this can be fixed - make scrap joins at a
narrow part of the passage, or somewhere dry.


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Please ignore my ignorance. I'm trying to draw cave passage which are mainly
flooded but have a few places where you can surface due to air filed domes.
See http://static.23.nu/md/Pictures/ZZ6E08C628.png - the orange parts are
the ones where we can breathe air.

How do I draw something like this? Two layers, or an area where we can
surface? If so which kind of area is preferred?

Maximillian Dornseif

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